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Folkfestival season

All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 5th May 2016
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Last Edited: 5th May 2016

After the cold of winter, the Folkfest season is just getting underway here in the East Bavaria. Below is just a sample of what, when and where for 2016 MAI4. bis 5. Mai: Weinfest Ruderting4. bis 8. Mai: Hofmarktfest Haus i. Wald12. bis 16. Mai: Weinhügelfest Fürstenzell13. bi ...

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66th St Benno Fest

All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 17th June 2015
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Last Edited: 17th June 2015

The summer fest season gets into full swing with the 66th St Benno Fest in Bodenmais, Bayerischer Wald. The 5 day event opens on Thursday evening, 18th June, with a concert in the Marktplatz, by the Rißbachtaler Blaskapelle at 5.30pm. Then the decorated brewery wagon leads a procession to ...

5 walks in the Bavarian/Bohemian Forest

All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 15th August 2013
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Last Edited: 19th August 2013

  September & October are ideal months for walkers and hikers to explore the lesser known Bavarian/Bohemian Forest regions of Central Europe. The weather is generally warm but not uncomfortably hot and the skies sunny with the threat of an occasional thunderstorm in late afternoon and earl ...


All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 6th August 2013
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Last Edited: 6th August 2013

The Gaeubodenvolkfest takes place on am Hagen in Straubing for 11 days each August. After Munich’s Oktoberfest, It’s the largest beer festival in Bavaria, attracting almost 1.4 million people each year. Unlike the Oktoberfest it is virtual unknown outside of Germany, so most of those 1.4 ...

New art gallery opens in Bayerisch Eisenstein

All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 25th July 2013
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Last Edited: 25th July 2013

The long awaited art gallery, Kunsträume grenzenlos, opens its doors on Sunday 28th July 2013. With over 600 m2 of gallery space visitors will be able to enjoy works by contemporary painters, graphic artists, sculptors, glassmakers and more from both sides of the border as well as retrospective ...

Pichelsteinerfest - the biggest and best Beer Festival in the Bavarian Forest

All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 15th July 2013
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Last Edited: 15th July 2013

      The 139 Pichelsteinerfest held from 26 to 31 July 2013 in Regen is probably the biggest and best beer festival in the Bavarian Forest. The six-day festival attracts thousands of people from across the region and beyond. There is a varied program of processions, tourname ...

Grenzlandfest, Zwiesel

All > Things To Do > Summer
Posted: 12th July 2013
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Last Edited: 12th July 2013

The traditional Grenzlandfest opens in Zwiesel, tomorrow, Saturday 13th July. The 8 day festival attracts people from all over the Bavarian Forest. There's parades, funfair, tournaments, glass flea market, classic car show, fireworks, music and of course plenty of beer! Every other year there are ...

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