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About us

English owners Claire & Jerry Hollis spent 18 years living and working in Devon in the UK. In late 2006 they moved to Bayerisch Eisenstein in Germany, to set up a bed & breakfast business. Gästehaus am Berg is the result of this move. 

Claire and Jerry are keen walkers and cyclists and have an interest in nature, "the great outdoors", local history and art & photography. They are normally resident at the property and are very happy to offer help and advice on things to do, places to go, etc. 

Chako is the house dog. He’s a black (most of the time) English Cocker Spaniel. He had a difficult start in life, spending several periods in the animal home at Regensburg, before finding a permanent home with us in late December 2006. He has settled into our home very well. He’s very friendly, generally well behaved and loves children. Make a fuss of him and you have a friend for life. He can be greedy, so please don’t feed him or allow him into your room, as he will empty the contents of room rubbish bins given the chance. When loading or unloading your car, please make sure the front door of the house is not left open. Chako has a habit of jumping into the boot or back seats of vehicles, expecting to be taken for a drive. He likes nothing more than lying on his back, with his legs in the air and having his stomach tickled or his ears stroked and you are welcome to do both.

Joining our now elderly but lovely Spaniel Chako, Amy is our new house dog. She is a cocker spaniel cross. Born in November 2016. Like Chako she has had an unsettling start in life, finding herself in an animal shelter near Passau, where we met her in mid August 2017. She is now settling into our home well, but like all pups, is still learning. She is very playfiul, can be excitable and misbehave occassionally. She is very friendly and seems to like everyone she meets. To help us with her training, we ask, please don't feed her or let her into your rooms.  A firm "NO" or "Nein" should be enough if she misbehaves. And as with Chako please make sure the front door of the house is not left open. Once she gets to know you, she likes nothing more than having her ears and head stroked

Folkfestival season

After the cold of winter, the Folkfest season is just getting underway here in the East Bavaria. Below is just a sample of what, when and where for 2016 MAI4. bis 5. Mai: Weinfest Ruderti ...

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