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The Bavarian Forest is situated in the south-east of Germany, between the river Danube and the Austrian and Czech borders.

The Bavarian Forest consists of the Bavarian Forest National Park, the Bayerischerwald Naturpark, (a Landscape Protection Area) and the Upper Bavarian Forest Nature Park. Together with the Sumava National Park on the Czech side of the border, they form part of the largest forested region in Europe, often referred to as the Green Roof of Europe. The area is heavily forested with over a hundred mountains peaks above 1000m high. It's a nature lovers paradise, with a diverse range of flora and fauna, including lynx, beaver and wolves. In winter, its high snowfall makes it a popular holiday region for downhill and crosscountry skiiers, snowboarders and winter walkers. In summer, the regions' numerous hiking and cycling trails attract lovers of the great outdoors. The region is rich in customs and heritage. There are beer festivals, traditional Volkmusic concerts, historic plays, numerous museums & art galleries; there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Folkfestival season

After the cold of winter, the Folkfest season is just getting underway here in the East Bavaria. Below is just a sample of what, when and where for 2016 MAI4. bis 5. Mai: Weinfest Ruderti ...

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